Are there any problems with customs clearance for cosmetics? 

Currently, there are many countries around the world where personal customs clearance for cosmetics is difficult.

Since many cases are classified as chemical products and medical supplies, you must check the customs clearance information for each country before shipping.

1. North America: Small amounts sent by individuals are often cleared, but customs clearance may not be possible depending on sunscreen or some ingredients (placenta cream, horse oil cream, etc.). And when shipping in bulk, a formal import permit may be required.

It does not mean that shipping is impossible, but it is difficult to give a definite answer regarding customs clearance.

2. Europe and Asia: Many countries prohibit personal customs clearance of cosmetics, so you must check whether customs clearance is granted in each country. Even if it is through personal customs clearance, the product often goes through verification procedures such as FDA certification, so you must be careful before shipping.

Because customs clearance regulations are different, customers must check the regulations. Forms prohibited by customs

You can check it through the Korean resident website, internet search, or the National Customs Service website.

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