I got caught in customs clearance. What should I do? 

If there is a problem with customs clearance after the cargo arrives at the local customs office,

You must personally explain or contact the local customs office.

At this time, the local customs office will provide guidance.

In this case, you must actively provide explanation to the customs office of the importing country.

When a customs clearance problem arises, it is difficult to check if you are not the person, and only you can inquire at the relevant customs office.

If you have important goods and want professional customs clearance, you must delegate the process to a local customs broker.

In case of customs clearance issues, local customs may detain goods for up to 60 days, depending on applicable customs laws.

At this time, storage fees may apply. (Free for 14 days, fee incurred afterward)

Also, if the goods are returned due to customs clearance, a return shipping fee will be charged.

If you do not wish to return the item and wish to dispose of the item, a disposal fee will be incurred.

When regular items are discarded together due to restricted items not approved by the government

We only provide delivery and purchasing services, not direct product sales or customs clearance agencies.

TTUFU is not responsible as we are not involved in any country’s customs regulations responsibility.

For this reason, in the case of product delivery or purchase agency, customers must check the customs regulations of the local country.

Customers must be careful as they are responsible and liable for customs clearance issues due to their failure to confirm the regulations.