Selling Korean Items?

Most Korean websites do not offer international shipping due to high logistics costs. And language barriers there is a minimum order. Therefore, the seller is worried about how to make the transaction worth the cost. And traveling to Korea for personal or large purchases may not be the best answer. So, TTUFU offers dropshipping services. For merchants who are interested in selling Korean products but do not want to stock products. Or worried about logistics

What you need to do to sell and promote products and the rest is our duty!

No setup fee

There's no extra payment needed just to start using our dropshipping service! Get started by sending us an email at [email protected]


Don't want to your customer to know that your parcel comes from TTUFU? No problem! We will remove all paperwork from shipment.

Direct from Korea

We ship all purchases directly from Korea and we can purchase from legitimate Korean website and ship the items for you.

If you are looking for Korean sourcing suppliers as well as dropshipping service.
TTUFU will find and match suppliers for your business.

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